“How Do Younger Generations of Taiwanese View Taiwan-China Relations and What Has Shaped Their Views?”

Yizhi Hu ’19 (asian studies/political science)

On Tuesday, June 7…

I am starting to understand what is universal. Even though I always considered myself progressive and open-minded, I realized that I was much influenced by my early life experience and was very conservative when it comes to democracy and human rights. Through meeting and interacting with Taiwanese students, I have a much stronger appreciation and attention for Chinese culture, politics and universal values.

Exploring the Dynamics of Civil War in Colombia

“There is so much we still need to learn about how wars are fought,” says Visiting Fellow Ana Arjona (PhD, Yale University). The assistant professor of political science at Northwestern University spent spring 2016 at Kellogg conducting research on the legacies of war and how civilians make decisions in wartime.

“Where Referrals are Difficult: Examining an Exemplary Failing Cervical Cancer Referral System in Rural Tanzania”

Luke Maillie ’18 (physics-in-medicine)

On Friday, June 10…

I only settled in Shirati on Tuesday so I haven’t had the chance to do any interviews yet, but I should have at least a couple scheduled for next week. The reason I didn’t get to Shirati until Tuesday was because I was staying with an oncologist from Duke Medical school, Dr. Kristin Schroeder. She runs a non-profit called ICCARE which treats pediatric cancer patients and makes sure they can afford their treatment by paying the costs that families can’t cover.




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